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Looking for the best Extraterrestrial Highway attractions? You’ve found the right post! Home of Area 51, Nevada is known for its connection to the unearthly.

As a vast desert state with little to fill it besides the occasional rural town (excluding Las Vegas and Reno, of course), its landscape can certainly appear otherworldly at times.

We can’t guarantee you’ll see any aliens on a trip through the Silver State, but there are certainly some extraterrestrial highway attractions that can bring a bit of the alien into your travels.

Take a photo at the Extraterrestrial Highway sign

Road sign for the 'EXTRATERRESTRIAL HIGHWAY' Nevada State Route 375, adorned with stickers and graffiti.

Your first stop on an extraterrestrial highway road trip should be near Rachel, Nevada, the closest town to Area 51, on Nevada State Route 375.

The Extraterrestrial Highway sign, characterized by a quirky font and decorated with stickers, marks the road that leads right up to the one and only Area 51.

The state route was nicknamed thus back in 1996 by Nevada’s Commission on Tourism, attempting to bring a bit more life to the more remote parts of the state.

It worked! People travel from all over to see the sign, and some have even gone as far as to steal it.

As for Extraterrestrial Highway attractions, it doesn’t get more authentic than the sign.

Watch for wildlife

If you decide to visit the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, whether to camp or just for the day, be on the lookout for Nevada’s wilder inhabitants.

Unfortunately, these creatures are not from another planet, but I promise they are just as amazing to see.

It’s also more than possible to see a coyote or deer running around along the ET Highway if you don’t plan on going to the refuge.

Anywhere you are, you’ll find most of the animals out and about in the early morning or late evening.

Be on the lookout for cows, too! There are many cows along this stretch of land. Yes, we know they’re not wildlife, but you will see lots of cows along the way.

Grab souvenirs at the Alien Research Center

Facade of the 'ALIEN RESEARCH CENTER' featuring a tall alien statue and a sign reading 'EARTH STATION - AREA 51'.

There’s no better place to prove you’ve hit all the Extraterrestrial Highway attractions than the Alien Research Center.

Capitalizing on the traffic that comes by to see the location of Area 51, the Alien Research Center provides visitors a place to stop and grab some otherworldly merchandise.

There are little green figurines, hoodies, necklaces and bracelets, stuffed aliens, hats, and even Alien Tequila. Who wouldn’t want to give that a try?

You can find the store near the Extraterrestrial Highway sign location, just past the town of Alamo.

Sign for 'SELF PARKING' with a UFO graphic, attached to a wooden pole against a clear sky.

Stop at ET Fresh Jerky

There are a few snacks that are absolutely essential for any road trip, even an extraterrestrial one, and you can find all of them at ET Fresh Jerky.

Those snacks are jerky, nuts, trail mix, and dried fruits.

Despite claiming an intergalactic connection, the high-quality jerky is 100% US-made. You’ll be inclined to try a few of the various flavors, including the classics like Teriyaki and Peppered, or the more… alien flavors like Whiskey BBQ, Wild Boar, and Ring of Fire.

The Korean BBQ Beef Jerky is a favorite of mine to grab whenever I pass by.

Now, you’ve always got to balance out the savory with something sweet, so you can also get some naturally sweet dried fruits or stock up on all kinds of gummy candy.

Stop at the Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark

There are plenty of Extraterrestrial Highway attractions that celebrate and search for evidence of outer space on Earth, but few are able to capture the feeling of what it would be like to be in it.

Lunar Crater National Natural Landmark is the exception.

This crater (surprisingly naturally formed, unlike the craters made by the testing of atomic bombs to the south) is volcanic but resembles the craters on the moon so closely that visitors can’t help but feel like astronauts here.

The photo opportunities are endless.

The Lunar Crater is also surrounded by 20 inactive volcanoes. Be sure to snap a few photos of those as well.

This attraction is quite a distance from the ET Highway, but it is worth the extra mileage to complete your trip.

Visit the Black Mailbox

Vintage, weathered mailbox covered with stickers, standing alone in a snow-dusted desert landscape.

Now if you’re checking out the Exterrestrial Highway attractions hoping to catch a glimpse of some alien activity, try your luck at the Black Mailbox.

Originally owned and used by a local rancher, the mailbox became a hub for ET enthusiasts after former Area 51 employee Bob Lazar spilled some secrets about Area 51. These enthusiasts came to the mailbox on the assumption that it was the best place to catch a sighting of a UFO.

Unfortunately for the rancher, the visitors stole his mail, vandalized the mailbox, and even stole the entire thing a few times. After a while, he picked it up and moved it closer to his property and away from the highway.

The mailbox has been replaced and still stands as a marker for a location of intergalactic activity. Sometimes it’s black, other times it’s white, but it’s objective is clear.

There is a smaller, separate black mailbox designated for messages to alien visitors; be sure to check that out as well!

Dine at the Little A’Le’Inn

Exterior of 'Little A'Le'Inn,' a quirky motel with alien and UFO graffiti on its walls, in the Nevada desert.

The Little A’Le’Inn is an essential stop on the Extraterrestrial Highway road trip.

Located near ET Highway, you can stop here after sending some intergalactic messages through the Black Mailbox for a well-deserved meal.

Order one of their universally known burgers with a special alien sauce or browse through their extensive menu for other options. There are plenty of breakfast choices, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Top it off with a piece of homemade pie. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the one filled with Alienfruit!

Little A’Le’Inn has available rooms, campsites, and RV hookups. If you’d like to stay the night, just be sure to book in advance.

An old crane truck with a UFO-like disc attached, parked on a desert roadside with mountains in the background.

Stargaze at night

If you’ve ever been to rural Nevada after hours, the night sky is likely something you remember quite clearly.

‘Clearly’ is the keyword. The universe lays itself bare in the Nevada desert, displaying its constellations and galaxies with the brightness turned all the way up.

You don’t even need to find a special place to stargaze. If you’re passing through, pull over on the side of the isolated highway and lay out a blanket.

If you’re planning to camp, even better! Extinguish your campfire and curl up for a night of jaw-dropping beauty and maybe, if you’re lucky, an otherworldly sighting.

Camp at Lower Pahranagat Lake Campground

One of the nearest campsites to Extraterrestrial Highway attractions is the Lower Pahranagat Lake Campground just south of Alamo, Nevada.

Located within the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, there are 15 campsites available. Each site is free and open year-round.

This campground is first-served, and reservations are not available.

Settled alongside two lakes and a marsh, this campground is surrounded by some rare greenery in the desert. It’s a beautiful place to spend the night.

Rural Nevada can sometimes feel almost as foreign as outer space, making it a little daunting to navigate, but with this list of Extraterrestrial Highway attractions, you’ll know just what to look out for.

You’ll be surprised at what the desert has to offer. Happy alien hunting!

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